Virtual Event Guide

We can help you create a successful, unforgettable virtual event

Coronavirus Update:

Event Audio Visual is closely monitoring the developments to COVID-19 and its impact on the event industry and our clients. We are dedicated to the well-being and safety of our staff, clients, participants and hospitality community. As the entire event industry pauses, we are concerned and cautious, however we are also intent on making progress and change in our industry. Event Audio Visual is here to offer clients solutions on how to stay connected and continue to inspire their event participants during this global pandemic.

Event Audio Visual is dedicated to getting your message to your audience. Whether it be in person or virtual, we collaborate with you on your every need to create successful meetings that engage and excite.

Coronavirus Update

Virtual Event Options

Virtual events have become standard, whether all presenters and viewers are remote, or with a small audience at the studio location. Having a specialized team who understands the technology enables you to keep your meeting on track and creates a successful event. Event Audio Visual can produce your entire event including video production and live streaming solutions for all sized events.

We tailor your event to your specific needs.


Event distributed for the Internet using streaming media technology to many simultaneous viewers. It can be live or on demand.

Video Conferencing:

A virtual conference between two or more participants at different sites using streaming technology.


A webinar is an engaging online event where a speaker, or small group of speakers (or panelists), deliver presentations to a large remote audience who participate by submitting questions, responding to polls, communicating ideas via chat, and using other available interactive engagement tools.

Hybrid Event/Webinar:

A hybrid webinar is an event where all presentation aspects are assembled in a control center (including the presenters) and broadcasted live to a remote audience that can participate in Live Chat, Live Polling, and Live Q&A. Depending on your custom tailored solution, your audience can participate in one or all of the types of engagement opportunities.


Almost all events taking place today involve a webinar or hybrid webinar platform.

Have a studio emcee or moderator that can introduce presenters that are either remote or in studio. Make sure your remote presenters can participate in panel discussions.

Have your Live Stream delivered to an embedded web viewer, or any other platform of your choice. Embedded web viewer will allow you to add interactive features such as audience polling, Q and A, and a Chat box.

Tips for Success

  • Content. Nothing beats engaging and inspirational content. We do not usually influence that but the better the program, the longer viewers will stay in their seats.
  • A professional emcee/moderator who knows how to listen and ask good questions.
  • A squad of people that understand the content to filter audience Q&A. You obviously can’t answer everyone’s questions. Questions can be filtered from the audience and delivered to the emcee’s/moderator.
  • ENGAGEMENT. This is the secret sauce in my opinion. You need to find a way to consume content on-line TOGETHER. It makes a difference to hear our fellow attendees in real time and give people a platform to “continue the conversation.” The audience size will determine how your events engagement platform will come together.

Engagement Suggestions:

  • Curated Graphic Content. Put a lot of thought into the design of the presenter play-on’s, embedded website design and navigation so that it represents what the presenter is talking about. These items really impact the attendee experience even if it is at an unconscious level.
  • Concierge technical support chat
  • Continuing the conversation with Keynote speakers or chat box
  • Each exhibitor has their own chat space