It’s inevitable. The day has finally arrived. You’ve planned for weeks, spent many nights tossing and turning, and made hundreds of To Do Lists. As the sun comes up, you finally feel like everything’s going to be ok…unfortunately though, most event planners secretly know that a flawless event happens maybe once in a decade. Almost every event we’ve produced has had issues. It could be any number of things, equipment hitches, computer hiccups, miscommunication with the venue or caterer, last minute changes to the program or PowerPoint Presentation, or even the raging blizzard during load in. But very rarely does the audience know about the existence of these issues and THAT is the definition of a perfect event!

There is no guarantee that your event will be flawless, but how a professional reacts to a problem dictates how difficult that problem will become. Event Audio Visual hires professionals who are calm, determined, detail oriented, and capable of making it (whatever ‘it’ is) happen. We’ve learned that making smart decisions up front reduces problems later on, as well as knowing as much information about the venue and hiring the right tech staff for each event. Just like the Boy Scouts’ motto, we like to “Be Prepared!” It’s also a good idea to have a primary as well as backup whenever available, for example, we like to have a backup computer for each event. We’ve had graphics professionals see spelling mistakes on presentations and they will switch back and forth between the primary and backup to fix those mistakes. We do everything in our power to make our client look good.

The key to working in Event Production is how you react with the inevitable issues that appear during a show. Event Audio Visual solves those problems, quickly and quietly behind the curtain, so that your event is perfect.

Event Audio Visual specializes in audio visual production and lighting services. What sets us apart from other companies is that we set very high standards, and we work tirelessly to exceed your expectations every time. We are one-stop for all of your audio, visual, and lighting needs. Simply put…We do it right, we don’t cut corners, our equipment is in mint condition, and we only hire the best people.

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