The Northeast is facing more snow today and this weekend. This new snow will join the 90 plus inches already on the ground. Records are breaking, temperatures are plummeting and kids are bouncing off the walls at home instead being in school. All this winter fun comes with a price. There are the big price tags, like roofs collapsing, childcare due to school closures, ice on the highways, etc. But what about the small price tags…those can really start to add up

How much will this snow cost us??

I just read an article stating Boston lost 80% of it’s Valentine’s Day sales which typically add up to $500 million. What exactly are these costs? Open restaurants don’t receive customers who stay home because of the snow. Hourly workers don’t get paid if their company doesn’t open during a snowstorm. Business will cancel or (hopefully) reschedule their meeting or event (Yup, we’ve been directly affected with this one!!) When businesses miss out on customers or don’t have to pay their employees, the state loses tax money. Then there are the costs of clearing the snow. A one-day snowstorm costs Massachusetts over $250 million dollars, over half due to lost wages. How many snow days have their been??? How much money have we lost?? You do the math…

Check out this article:

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