About us

What we are

Simply put… We do it right, we don’t cut corners, our equipment is in mint condition, and we only hire the best people.

In the event industry, experience is the most important and trusted qualification you can count on in choosing a professional to produce your event. Event Audio Visual has more than 19 years of experience in event production technology ranging from small theatre to large corporate sales meetings, financial meetings, employee training, product launches, and Top Executive Incentive Retreats, providing 24/7 customer support nationwide in all types of venues.

“When you have a company like Event Audio Visual, you know nothing will slip through the cracks.”

Bill Lawler, Lawler Rourke Associates


Our Goal

Our Goal is to take the pressure of planning and managing an event off of your shoulders so that your time is better used for other aspects of your job.

From planning to execution, and sets, to presentations – we will do the heavy lifting and cover every single detail to ensure the success of your event.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure that an event is a social success as well as a business success.
Nothing invigorates employees more or forges a stronger impression on clients than a well thought-out, planned and executed event that was informative, stimulating and enjoyable.

“Leave them wanting more” is what we strive toward.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee to you is that your event will be manned not only with experienced personnel who will project a clean and professional appearance at all times but also that they will be equipped with only the best equipment to ensure a safe and successful event.


We Support Your Production Services and Technology Needs Through Our Expertise in…

  • Project Management
  • Lighting Design
  • Audio Engineering
  • Teleprompter Operation
  • Technical Production
  • Data/Video Projection
  • Seamless Multi-Layered Widescreen
  • Widescreen Events
  • Widescreen Projection and
  • Widescreen Blending
  • Network Engineering
  • Power Distribution Management
  • Set Design
  • CAD Drawings
  • WYSIWYG Design
  • Audio Recording/Editing
  • Video Recording/Editing
  • PowerPoint Design